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The Importance of Marketing Communication in Businesses.

Time and time again, the one thing that all businesses have needed to succeed is marketing; this is the only way to consumer awareness of the different goods and services offered by the business.

Marketing has over time evolved from simply marketing to marketing communication because unlike in the past, there’s increased growth in consumer activity and there’s a wide variety of brands to influence the power of choice. Therefore, businesses need to tactfully communicate to their consumers to achieve brand affinity & loyalty.

Marketing communications technically refers to the means adopted by companies to convey messages about their brand, products & services directly or indirectly with intention to persuade consumer purchasing power. This entails Advertising, sales promotion, Events sponsorship, Interactive marketing and direct marketing.

That said; Marketing communication is important to any business because it offers solutions to the most important questions consumer questions of (Why) shall the product be purchased? (How) can the product be used? (Who) can use the product? (Where) can the product be used? and (When) can the product be used.

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