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Effective marketing tools to influence consumer behavior.

It is undeniably known to businesses, companies and brands that marketing can amazingly influence consumer purchasing power and behavior. However, often times the most effective tools that attract customers to products, services or the desired behavior change are inadvertently ignored. Among the many other roles, Marketing is meant to persuade and extensively inform consumers about a company’s products or services offerings. So, if consumers neither connect emotionally or physically with the brand, the product or service offerings then it is most likely that sales targets will hardly be met. The deep dive has revealed that there is a number of the effective marketing tools a company can use to influence consumer behavior & purchasing power.

  1. Paid media advertising

 This involves the purchase of ad space on a media channel to promote your brand to a larger audience. This normally comes with guaranteed response because mass media is a channel with a unique power to reach a large number of people in a very short period of time. In addition to traditional paid media advertising tactics, there’s a more recent online paid for media advertising on websites, search engines, social media, blogs among others.

  1. Digital marketing

We are in a world of very fast growing digital economy. In addition to promotional content on the different digital/online platforms, this also entails using social media content, influencers and buzz marketing i.e. use of hash tags (#), company websites, blogs, search engine optimization, search engine marketing among others to reach audiences. This comes with the opportunity of increased brand-consumer interaction.

  1. Direct Marketing

This is where businesses sell their products directly to the public through emails, phone calls, text messages, physical selling among others. This eliminates middle men and because direct contact makes one feel valued and apart of the brand this helps to build close connection with customers and prospects.

  1. Public relations tactics

 Public relations is the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company, this also helps to build a relationship between a company and its customers. This can be done through events management, consistent communication to the public through the media outlets, third party endorsement or what is normally referred to as using brand ambassadors, sponsorships, great partnerships and most importantly corporate social responsibility. These contribute to maintenance of a favorable brand image which in return influences, sways and increases believability hence positive consumer behavior.

  1. Consumer loyalty programs

 These involve rewarding customers that use or engage with your product time and again. This is a cost effective measure that most companies often neglect yet retaining consumers is more important &convenient than looking for new ones.

Conclusively, companies and businesses have a wide range of effective marketing tools to employ but of course with knowledge of what tool works best for you and your target market.


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