7 Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Marketing Communications During COVID 19

No one knows exactly when we will be able to return to the normal ‘business-as-usual’. This has made many brands sit back in a wait-and-see mode. However, this doesn’t have to be the case from a marketing communications perspective; here are a few tips to make the most of this
down time for your brand:

  1. Talk About The Positive Work Your Brand Is Doing During This Crisis: Have you recently given a donation towards COVID-19 efforts? You can share a brief release with some photos with your internal and external stakeholders who bond with the brand.
  2. Brush Up Your Teams Skills: Use this downtime to boost your teams marketing communications capabilities. With less activity keeping your team busy, you can run an online training program for your team and equip them with the necessary skills and
    competencies to be used in the future once this crisis is over.
  3. Build Your Online & Offline Marketing Communications Muscle: Now is the best time to work on your marketing communications collateral. Whether it is your website, company profile, product offering brochure or service offering, there is no better time than now to refresh it.
  4. Customer Feedback & Research: This could be a perfect time to find out what your customers and the market thinks about your brand. This strategic marketing investment can help your business adapt quickly to changing customer demands post COVID-19.
  5. Create & Review Your Strategic Marketing Communication Plans: It is best to work on something critical when there is not much happening around you. Take some time to review your strategic marketing communication plans in light of the fact that things will not be the same again.
  6. Develop New Marketing Products and Delivery Channels: Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. What new products or delivery channels can your team come up with during this time?

  1. Communicate: Yes. Your customers and key stakeholders need to hear from you. Marketing communications is one of those operations that can keep running even when other departments are not.

There are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. But one thing is for sure – Capital One Group is here for you.  Are you interested in getting guidance on how to go about the above ideas? Or are you interested in a 15min brainstorm meeting where we get to know you and see how we can support you in this challenging time? Click on this link to book an appointment: https://bit.ly/CapitalOneGroup Let’s get talking!


Marketing Communications In The Era Of COVID-19

With many countries moving towards the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown, many economies will be focused on the revival of business operations to ease the economic strain many people are currently under. 
As this revival begins, the focus on marketing communications will remain paramount. The key question on every business leaders mind when it comes to activating marketing communications will be: “Should we or shouldn’t we?” 
This question will remain an ever-present reality for many businesses in this era of COVID-19. The pace of change in marketplaces and market-spaces everywhere is continuous and accelerating faster than anyone had or can imagine. 
With businesses slowing and shutting, others are growing and thriving. Inevitably, marketing communications are changing shape and form as a result of technological changes and recessionary influences. 
To avoid marketing communications fail at this moment, brands and companies need to be thinking about how they will be perceived in the long-term and they should all be proactive in taking advantage of the changing times. 
This means that brands and companies should be: 
 More flexible in their business operations 
 More solution-oriented in solving the current health challenges 
 More customer engaged by talking and interacting with their customers/consumers  
 More socially and health aware in their advertising creative to express compassion and empathy

More focused on being helpful and valuable for customers/consumers rather than pushing the hard sell

So, to help brands and companies prepare and strategize their communications for customers/consumers, we shall be releasing a guide titled “Impact Of COVID-19: How To Kick Start Your Marketing Communications Post Lockdown” in June. 
If you are interested, kindly sign up below – we will send you a copy once we release it! 
For those who would like some guidance on how to create a marketing communications plan immediately for reopening or would be interested in a 15min brainstorm meeting where we get to know you and see how we can support you in this challenging time, click on this link to book an appointment: https://bit.ly/CapitalOneGroup
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