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Capital One Group Mentorship Program

“Mentoring is a critical part of personal growth and development and affords a lifetime of opportunity to grow and develop.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Lisa Fain.

75% of the youth today have consistently made un informed career & life decisions as a result of no mentorship or proper guidance.

Mentorship program being part of its arms, Capital One Group ‘s managing director Paul Mwirigi Muriungi together with Flavia Kunihira, the special projects manager worked tirelessly to see the successful organization of the first ever Capital One Group mentorship session.

 It was Saturday 18th January 2020 when young entrepreneurs and a number of fresh graduates from universities around the country i.e. Uganda Christian University and Makerere University gathered at Rozah Bistro, Naguru to listen to guest speaker Mr. Alex Etiang, a renowned life coach.

Speaking during the session Mr. Alex Etiang expounded on the importance of personal effectiveness citing that it is basically all about making the most of what one has in them with the principle of having the end in mind. This means that as young people, while completing school and making decisions on what paths to take, it is necessary to answer questions of (Where) you want to be and (How) you want to get there. He further highlighted that “It is important for one to have a life graph demonstrating the desired goals to be achieved indicative of the time frame.’’ 

Paul Mwirigi Muriungi, Managing Director, Capital One Group noted that it is necessary for the youth to understand themselves in order to enhance personal growth. In addition to this, he emphasized that ‘Knowing oneself results into self-empowerment and self-acceptance hence positive transitioning and smooth attainment of the desired personal goals.’’

In a nutshell, Mentorship is key to personal and often times to organization growth. Mentees have an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and insight from experts while Mentors have an opportunity to expand their professional knowledge and skills through their instruction and facilitation.

Capital One Group looks to have more mentorship sessions in future, always check in on our web-site and social platforms for further details on this.

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